What to bring?

  • Please bring all registration and consent forms to your first appointment.

  • If required by your insurance for reimbursement, please bring your referral for physical therapy.

  • Please bring your preferred form of payment: check, cash or card and a photo ID.

What to wear?

  • Please wear athletic clothing or dancewear.

  • Loose fitting clothing that you can move around in is also fine.

  • If you wish to address footwear, please bring the shoes and orthotics you use.

How long is the appointment?

  • The appointment is up to 55 minutes long and will include:
    • checking you in
    • addressing paperwork and payment policy
    • performance of a physical therapy evaluation
    • discussion of findings
    • prescription of exercises 
    • practice of exercises
    • discussion of plan of care
    • scheduling future visits
  • If you arrive late, you will be responsible for full payment of services and the session will end 55 minutes from its scheduled start time.