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Though my specialties include hip impingement, dance medicine, and rehabilitation for the CrossFit athlete and weightlifter, I have been an orthopedic physical therapist since 2007 and enjoy treating a wide variety of patients and conditions, from childhood sports injuries, to pregnant or post-partum patients, to motor vehicle collision injuries to general joint conditions throughout the body. I do especially enjoy working with patients who are motivated to improve and willing to do the work, but also find great joy and passion in helping those individuals who feel there is no improvement possible for them. 

Please note that while I am a fee-for-service practice, I do have the upmost respect for people's finances and always educate the patient about the services, the prices, and the philosophy behind this practice. No patient will ever come through my doors without a clear expectation of both their treatment and the expense. Please feel free to contact me directly at with any questions or concerns about this practice model or my services