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Going out of network with insurance can be scary and daunting.  However, the rewards are clear for both the physical therapist and the patient.  Spend more time with patients, tailor the appointment to your patients' needs, spend less time on paperwork and less time dedicated to collecting payment from an insurance company. Be the direct-access practitioner you want to be and provide your patients with the highest quality care possible. If you are interested in starting your own out-of-network practice, moving your current clinic out of network, or in consulting about private practice in general, please contact Sarah Haran directly at  $200/hr. 

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Rates are cumulative. Should you only need a 15 minute call, the price is adjusted to $50.

Sarah also teaches through the Institute of Clinical Excellence and heads the Out of Network Division.

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Sarah’s consulting services and support in my business venture has been incredibly instrumental. Honestly, I don’t know if I could have done it with out her!! She is a natural leader and coach and therefore makes for an impeccable advisor/consultant. She is organized, detail-oriented, dedicated and beyond encouraging.
I was absolutely terrified about embarking on the journey of starting my own practice, and without Sarah’s support and consulting, I don’t know if I could have done it. She broke everything down for me, and gave me step by step tasks, which helped immensely. And above all, Sarah provided me with the encouragement and support I needed to make my dreams come true! I would happily recommend Sarah to anyone looking to embark on their own business venture, or looking to make a career change!
— Lauren Lovelace, PT, DPT of Movement Shift Physical Therapy and Performance
Sarah Was the difference between me sitting and thinking about going for my dream, and actually going for it! She gave me insightful and well thought out advice on how to approach my specific practice and niche, and how to market my strengths. It definitely helped having Sarah by my side during a time where i had a vision but didn’t know exactly where to start.
— Mandy Ma, PT, DPT of Refine Physical Therapy


As CrossFit continues to grow and more and more people are expressing interest in weightlitfing and barbell training, it is important that physical therapists are well-versed in the requirements of these sports and the best methods in which to treat these patients.  With a background in both physical therapy and coaching CrossFit, Sarah & Beth are excellent resources for learning what these patients need and how best to help them avoid injury, rehab their condition and improve their performance while doing so.  If you are a coach or a health care provider with interest in better understanding these athletes or would like to consult about a particular condition or client, please contact us at  $200/hr.