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Movement Screen

In addition to traditional physical therapy services, Arrow Physical Therapy offers movement screens.  

This 55-min long assessment will uncover whether a patient’s condition warrants traditional physical therapy or if they can change their performance by changing their technique or form. Often, this is a service used by patients who wish to have annual or bi-annual check-ins with a therapist. This is similar to having a yearly physical with your MD or check up with your dentist; a regular appointment designed to make certain that your body is moving correctly and that you are preventing dysfunction, injury, or pain. 


Examples of patients who may be appropriate for this type of screen:

  • a CrossFit athlete who has wrist pain only when in the front rack position
  • a weightlifter who struggles with overhead squatting
  • a dancer who has knee pain only after floor work
  • a theatre performer who has foot pain after rehearsing dance numbers
  • an office worker who has neck pain after sitting in front of a computer for 2 hours
  • a runner who has experienced Achilles pain after switching to a more minimalist shoe
  • a patient who wishes to have regular check-ins with a physical therapist (a service not covered by health insurance at this time)



What the screen entails:

A full body screening will be offered. This can be as general or specific as is appropriate to the body area of concern. The screen will include exercise prescription if indicated. No manual treatments will be performed though they may be recommended or considered. The patient will also be provided with a plan of care should the individual need to seek other professional guidance or personal training. If the patient needs physical therapy, this will be assessed and discussed at the time.    

Movement screens are 55 minutes.  This service will not be reimbursed by your insurance company. 

$105 per screen