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It is OUR goal to provide patients with the tools which will enable them to change and heal. we want them to stay active, stay healthy, and stay passionate. 

The therapists at Arrow Physical Therapy Seattle have an expectation of patients to be involved, do the homework, and trust the process. Healing and improvement doesn’t happen over night; hard work and patience are essential. Though confident our abilities to help, we are but a piece of the puzzle. Empowering patients to help themselves is our biggest contribution.


Why Patients are Choosing Arrow.

  • Effective treatments and home programs that yield excellent outcomes

  • One on one appointments with a skilled therapist

  • A beautiful, newly re-modeled clinic in an easy to access part of Seattle, just south of the Ballard Bridge

  • Convenient location for all Seattle clients

  • Expertise in advanced manual therapy techniques

  • Running analysis

  • Extensive knowledge to be able to treat CrossFit athletes and weight lifters

  • Extensive knowledge to be able to treat dance patients and performing artists

  • Proficiency in treating hip impingement and labral tears, managed both surgically and non-surgically

  • Thoughtful, personally tailored programming and a passion for helping patients commit to these programs

  • Partnership and respect for what other providers can offer patients

Behind the name.

There are a few definitions of the word ARROW:

a mark (such as →) that is shaped like an arrow and that is used to show direction.
a weapon that is made to be shot from a bow and that is usually a stick with a point at one end and feathers at the other end.

However, it is the symbolism behind the word that speaks to most. For many cultures, the arrow was used for hunting and protection. It is a symbol of power and strength; the sign of a warrior. The arrow can stand for achievement and an overcoming of hardship. Arrows can symbolize forward direction. An arrow never looks back.

An arrow is dynamic; characterized by constant change, activity, or progress. It is driven by momentum and kinetic energy. There are several factors and scientific principles that impact the arc, or the path of the arrow. In order for an arrow to take flight, it must overcome gravity, air resistance, and the skill of the archer.

The patient is the arrow, determined and strong but up against various limitations or hurdles.  Together at Arrow Physical Therapy Seattle, those arrows begin to take flight.