Sarah is truly terrific at what she does! She is a wealth of knowledge but is able to communicate information clearly and effectively while being extremely kind and actually caring about you as a patient. I have been highly impressed with how much she has helped me alleviate pain I’ve had for years in such a short amount of time. I absolutely would recommend making an appointment with Sarah!
Sarah’s consulting services and support in my business venture has been incredibly instrumental.
— Lauren Lovelace, DPT of Movement Shift Physical Therapy and Performance
After seeing multiple physical therapist, chiropractors, and massage therapists over a 5 year period I was lucky enough to be referred to Sarah Haran for treatment of a labral tear in my hip. Before seeing Sarah I was seriously considering major surgery to relieve me of the daily pain I had in my hip and lower back but after 6 months of sessions I was pain free and was more active then ever. Per Sarah’s recommendation, I have been working out with a personal trainer to increase my strength and muscle. Aside from the fact that Sarah is an incredible PT she is also a very genuine person, it is clear that she cares about her patients and is invested in seeing them improve. 
Sarah is amazing. She is very friendly and spends time understanding your problem and takes genuine interest in helping you get better. I actively crossfit and she has helped me recover from a chronic lower back pain and in the process to also get stronger and better at crossfit. She has corrected my form on various olympic lifts and given me useful pointers on high intensity training and weightlifting. I would strongly recommend ArrowPT for anyone who is struggling with injuries or need consultation on their lifting form.
My recovery from a set of complex groin and hamstring injuries would not be possible without Sarah. Her attention to detail, up-to-date knowledge, and persistence is hard to find. I bounced around between a couple different physical therapists before landing with Sarah, and I am glad I ended up there.
I don’t want to sound melodramatic, but Sarah Haran changed my life. I had been living with a suspected torn labrum in my hip for 2 years before I finally got my act together and went in for PT. In those 2 years I had basically become inactive, and let my injury be an excuse to never move faster than a slow walk with a limp. I quickly got out of shape and just felt terrible, physically and emotionally.

Sarah was patient with me as I moved like a slug through those first few visits, and she was great about explaining exactly HOW each and every exercise she was giving me was going to help with my injury. If ever I felt like something wasn’t working quite right (Like, “I’m feeling a click when I do this,” or “I feel this more in my quads than my buns,”) she always had a correction to give that made it work. Always. She knows her stuff, and she made sure I knew my stuff before I left every appointment. Not only did she help with the mechanical side of my injury, she also gave me some tips on diet modifications to support the work we were doing from the inside, things to reduce inflammation in the body. (In writing this, I tried to think of the last time I took an Advil... I think it’s been at least 2 months, and I was popping them every day before I started PT with Sarah).

I saw her for about 3 months, and each week I could feel myself getting stronger, my symptoms getting less frequent, and the way I thought about my overall body health changing. She was an incredibly motivating force in my life, and I cannot recommend her enough.
I came to Sarah with ongoing shoulder pain and serious arm mobility impairment. With Sarah’s talented guidance, we improved my posture, muscle tone, and finally worked on strengthening the full range of motion. Their studio is spacious, comfortable, and Sarah listened to all the information I could give to her about my changing, improving injury, adjusting our training based on knowledgeable insight into the healing process.

My expectations were exceeded - don’t hesitate to contact her to start getting back to 100%.
Sarah is amazing. I came to her with a shoulder injury that had been nagging me for months. By the time I saw her the pain was bad enough that it was keeping me up at night. After one visit to Arrow PT I was back on my feet and the pain was gone. After my second visit I was back to full strength and mobility.