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Virtual appointments are how we connect with patients who are not in the Seattle area. These appointments serve all patient types, but most commonly patients who have been unsuccessfully treated for their hip impingement (FAI).

These appointments are similar to the movement screen that is offered in the clinic. As we are not licensed to practice outside of Washington State, these are not physical therapy appointments, but rather movement assessments and online trainings. Therefore, these are not covered by your insurance. 

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  • Initial appointment is up to 55-minutes long

  • Subsequent appointments (variable timeframes) can be scheduled if and when necessary

  • Includes a home exercise program and email follow-up

  • Outside of no hands-on treatment, this is very similar to any session done in the clinic*:

    • review and discussion of previous treatment

    • movement assessment

    • exercise prescription

    • technique modification for movements

    • questions/answer session

    • discussion of plan of care

*technically we do not call this a PT appointment

Please contact Arrow PT directly for more details on how this may help in your specific case.

$150 per session

THANK YOU. I asked Matt what he thought right after we disconnected. I quote what he said “ If I had done this with Sarah 6 weeks ago I would probably be almost better”.
— Matt's dad
I had a virtual session with Sarah for some hip impingement issues I have been dealing with for over a year. I’ve been to multiple physical therapists locally, and just never was satisfied with their level of expertise on the subject, nor their therapeutic approach. I had a significantly better experience working with Sarah.

Working with someone who has dealt with some of the same symptoms that I have is liberating! She actually understands how it feels, and as such, used her knowledge of PT to become an expert on the subject. The session was great! We went over my symptoms, discussed her thoughts on the subject, and then immediately began working on exercises. While it’s not easy to provide understandable feedback virtually, Sarah does an excellent job of doing so. I came away from the session knowing exactly what I was supposed to be doing and feeling.

Another great thing about working with Sarah is that she reaches out periodically to check on my progress; and is always ready to answer any questions I may have. She even reviewed some videos of the exercises I was doing, sent me her critiques, and made a video just to show me how I could improve one of the exercises I wasn’t doing quite right. I’ve never had a local PT even email to ask how I was doing, much less create videos made just for me.

It’s been a few months, and I’m feeling much better than I was prior to working with Sarah. I plan to continue working with her because I know that she’ll get me to where I want to be.
— Patrick