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Rehabilitation for the Crossfit or Weighlifting Athlete

Ben is an athlete at    Ballard Crossfit   .

Ben is an athlete at Ballard Crossfit.

So grateful for these smart, skilled PTs. I’m a masters CrossFitter (52 y/o) with shoulder impingement, and working with Sarah and Beth has gotten me out of pain and much stronger overhead They’ve programmed accessory work that’s helped me stabilize my shoulder and move it more functionally. And their manual therapy - what a relief! Beth’s cupping is out of this world. Thanks for keeping me going ladies!
— M
Michelle is an athlete at    Twenty Pound Hammer

Michelle is an athlete at Twenty Pound Hammer

Arrow PT has added another extremely athlete friendly member to their staff. I saw Beth Ansley for a tweaked knee from doing sprints with my 7 year old daughter, and I discovered that like Sarah, Beth is an active crossfit athlete and weightlifter. She was easy to communicate with, made great suggestions, listened carefully and made some suggestions that are, a couple weeks in, already making a difference stability and strength-wise.

I would recommend Sarah or Beth as great options for anyone who is training in crossfit type activities or weightlifting, as they both are knowledgeable and active participants in your sports.

I love Arrow PT!
— Jon


Stability, mobility and a dynamic application of these tools are crucial to the CrossFit or weightlifting athlete.  

As competitive CrossFit athletes themselves, the therapists at Arrow PT fully understand the needs of this population as well as the unique drive of these athletes to get back to training. They also know how to offer strategies for modification of movements as the patient gradually returns to sport. Sarah is a coach at Ballard CrossFit and Beth is a coach at CrossFit Twenty Pound Hammer. Both work diligently to help prevent injury in the Seattle CrossFit community. 

Certifications include:

  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

  • CrossFit Level 2 Trainer

  • CrossFit Weightlifting Trainer

  • CrossFit Gymnastics Trainer

  • CrossFit Master’s Athlete Trainer

  • Clinical Management of the Fitness Athlete - Certified

At Arrow Physical Therapy, you will receive customized, evidence-based, physical therapy intervention to facilitate a faster return to full training and performance.

Being able to determine if a patient needs stability, mobility, or both and being able to help an athlete apply these concepts functionally through correct form is what sets Arrow PT apart from both a practitioner who does not understand the sport, and a CrossFit trainer or weightlifter with no physical therapy background. We can also help you to weed through all the online advice made available to the athletes and determine what techniques would be useful for your particular condition.

Common CrossFit or weightlifting related conditions:

  • shoulder impingement

  • shoulder labral tears or dysfunction

  • elbow and wrist pain

  • Achilles pain

  • Plantar fasciitis pain

  • knee pain

  • hip impingement

  • low back injuries

  • thoracic pain

  • neck pain

  • muscle imbalance in the extremities and core

Sam is an athlete at    Ballard Crossfit   .

Sam is an athlete at Ballard Crossfit.