Online Scheduling 

Please fill out the form below if you need to request an appointment and cannot find something through the online scheduler that fits into your schedule.  Sarah is happy to work you in when she can.

Name *

Email and phone messages will be returned within 24 business hours. Sarah is her own receptionist and will likely be able to respond to to email much more quickly than a phone message. Please indicate in your message the times and dates that you prefer to be seen. Sarah does her best to accommodate your needs and will try to be as flexible as possible in getting you the appointments you desire. 

Please make every attempt to do the following:

  • arrive on time or early for your appointment

  • be ready to go and changed into appropriate clothing (exposing or allowing easy access to the body area of concern)

  • have all necessary paperwork complete 

Sarah is timely and will do her best to be on time for your appointment. If you are late for your appointment, your time with her will be shortened in order to avoid delaying those patients scheduled after you.


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