Tendon Injury in Athletes

If there is one thing we do well at Arrow Physical Therapy, it is educate our patients!


We pride ourselves on teaching our patients about their bodies, about our methods and about their plans of care for physical therapy. We want them to take ownership of their care and understand why they are committing themselves to it. We also want them to understand and VALUE the things we are asking them to do in their rehab. And often times, we send them educational materials which helps to simplify it.

lately, we have been seNding this article out:


This fabulous article was composed by Dr. Zach Long, aka The Barbell Physio. Check out The Barbell Physio for more information on his practice and for other great articles.

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Link to original article (cited and reposted here with permission by author): LIFTER’S GUIDE TO TREATING TENDINOPATHY.

This article has great insights on what the research says, what common causes are, and what needs to happen for treatment. Complete with videos and explanations of some great exercises!!

check it out!!

The biggest take-away is that tendon injury happens when a tendon is under- OR over-loaded. So, as rehab professionals, we need to be prescribing an appropriate load to tendons. Whether that means INCREASING or DECREASING load, it is a load prescription we are talking about.


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Read on for more information on proper loading from Dr. Zach Long!

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Also, check out this article from Breaking Muscle on how Julie Foucher’s Achilles tendon injury is likely related to her training. Another great article by Ryan DeBell of Movement Fix regarding the high amount of pectoral tears at Crossfit Regionals one year. High level athletes who train smart and who’s bodies are generally resilient to load were essentially overloaded by volume and higher than usual amounts of stress which ultimately resulted in tissue trauma.

Educating ourselves on proper loading and APPLYING THOSE PRINCIPLES to ourselves and our patients is instrumental in maintaining fitness levels, decreasing risk for injury and increasing longevity in our sport!

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